A Bit Like the Historical Romans

I am from England, London to be specific, and there are many examples of ancient Roman architecture throughout the land. It is enough to satisfy the most avid Roman history fans. But I never cared about Hadrian’s Wall, the Roman baths, or various streets until I lived in Italy and absorbed the culture there. Now I am fascinated by the historical Romans and their way of life. Of course, I don’t want to live that way. I am a modern woman. I almost did once when a hot water pipe broke in my apartment building and I was forced to heat water on the stove (it’s gas, so it is akin to a fire I suppose). It was a real throwback experience.

Maybe the Romans, as clever as they were with technology, had another way of providing hot water. We know how they piped it in. As for now, it is all conjecture to me. Meanwhile, I think about the catacombs, the colosseum, the aqueducts, and the glorious Arch of Constantine. Rome is defined to us now by its historic past. Even if you prefer the modern Italian culture—wonderful food, movies, fashion, and cars—you can’t escape ancient times wherever you go in Rome. Yes, there are other periods such as the Renaissance and Baroque, but for me, the era of the great emperors holds sway in my mind. I don’t stop adoring landmarks with the Fountain of Trevi. You have centuries to cover as a student of Roman history, so it is no easy feat to master. Plus, you better become a lover of archeology. I was converted fast after only a few months in my new domicile. If I weren’t already so busy working on my degree, I would love to take a few classes.

I should mention before going any further with this blog that I studied Information Technology in Rome and not history. I got so engrossed in anything about Italy that I even forgot my major. I have a second love it seems. If you have ever lived abroad, you may understand how I became engrossed in something entirely new and foreign to me. In fact, I decided to stay on after school and live and work in one of the most amazing cities on earth.

My insight on ancient Roman civilization is limited, and the water heater incident brought to mind how interesting it is to look back and see how what we take for granted today started. It will take some digging, but I intend to find out about ancient Roman stoves.