A Little Homesick Today

Although my stay in Rome has been fascinating, I must admit that I feel a little homesick today. There are quite a number of issues that have made me to miss by home city of London.

Having been born and raised in London, this was my first trip to Rome and the first time I have stayed in another country for more than one month. I cannot believe that I have been in this city for four years! Some of the issues that have made me feel homesick today include;

Culture Shock

Despite the fact that I have not been able to experience any major difficulties during my four year stay in Rome, it is important to point that culture shock makes you feel home sick. Adjusting to a new cuisine, shop hours, social customs, weather, and currency exchange is not easy and these are some of the things that make one to miss home.

To begin with, Italy has limited English speakers and this makes it difficult for me to transact some businesses without an interpreter. During my stay in Rome, I have noticed that very few Italians can speak fluent English and this is a major challenge for foreigners like me. Most Rome residents are normally abrupt when you speak to them in English and feel that foreigners are a nuisance.

In London, there are no language issues and this always provided me with an opportunity to transact my business freely without being viewed as a nuisance. In addition, the liberal nature of the locals in Rome means that most billboard and television ads portray a lot of sexuality and nudity. The fact that I come from a conservative culture makes me feel uncomfortable with the Italian’s liberal attitude towards sexuality and nudity.

Also, Italians are not apologetic about the fact that they are loud and proud and this can be very uncomfortable for visitors. When it comes to life on the roads, Rome has crowded roads, confusing rules, and erratic drivers that make me miss home.

Italian drivers can even knock you down as a pedestrian as most of them tend to ignore road crossings. In London, it is easy to navigate on the Tube and the roads are less chaotic due to strict implementation of traffic rules.


The fact that I have never been away from my family for more than one month has made me to miss home and the need to see my family is one of the major causes of my homesickness. I am fond of my parents and younger sister and this trip to Rome has made realize how much I miss them considering the fact that I have been away for four years.

Throughout my stay, I have been communicating with my family through webcams, social networking sites, email, and phone calls but this does not seem to cure my homesickness. However, the platforms have kept me going to this far.

Expensive Amenities

Important resources such as electricity, gas, and fuel are very expensive in Rome and other cities in Italy. For instance, the system shorts when you use many appliances at once and this can be very disappointing.

In conclusion, Rome has been an amazing host for me but the culture shock, being away from family, and high cost of living have make me to start missing home. However, this is a normal feeling when you visit a new country and Rome is not an exemption.