Learning My Way Around

It is normal when you visit a new city to learn your way around and this was my first assignment when I arrived in Rome over four year ago. Before going to Rome, I had read almost any material I could find about Italy’s capital but things are totally different when you physically visit the city.

In this case, there are some basic things I had to learn before arriving in Rome and this made it easy for me to settle down. I had a couple of Italian friends that helped me learn my way around the city and this are some of the things I have been able to discover about Rome;

Rome is a Modern City

Rome is known for its centuries of history and ancient ruins but my tour around the city made me realize that it is still lively with characteristics of a modern city. The sprawling city has a historic centre with other amazing attractions.

First-time visitors can find a tour around the city to be very overwhelming considering the fact that they have so much to do and see in the city. Part of the city’s charm is its chaotic nature and first-time visitors may not be able to explore everything the city has to offer within a short period of time.

Walking around Central Rome

Rome has a very fascinating city centre and the best way to explore the city centre is by walking. A stroll around the city’s Historic Centre provides you with an opportunity to explore some of the city’s historic squares such as thePiazza Navona and Piazza Campo de’ Fiori.

Other historic features that form part of the Historic Centre include the Jewish Ghetto and the Pantheon. When you are done with the Historic Centre, you can head to the Northern part of the city and do some window shopping at a place called Tridente.

Exploring Roma by Bike

When compared to other European cities like Paris, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam, Rome may not be your ideal bike-friendly city but you can still enjoy your bicycle ride through its many fascinating itineraries. It is always a good idea to go for a guided bike-tour as this helps you enjoy some of the best biking itineraries the city has to offer.

Seeing the City from Above

If your budget allows, an aerial tour of the Eternal City is always an unforgettable experience. The best way to feel the city’s grandeur is to go for a helicopter flight over the city or a hot-air balloon ride. An aerial ride enables you to enjoy magnificent and awe-inspiring views such as the Gianicolo Hill, Palatine Hill, and the Capitoline Hill.

Touring Rome with Google Street View

You can actually use today’s advanced technologies to learn your way around Rome and an example of such technologies is Google Street View. You can take a virtual tour of Rome from the comfort of your sofa and enjoy the splendid monuments as you wander the streets of Rome.

In conclusion, Rome is a very big city and visitors can learn their way around the city through guided tours or using modern technologies such as Google Street View. Also, one can tour the city by taking a stroll, biking, or taking aerial rides.