My Favourite Places So Far

Since I arrived in Rome four years ago, I have been able to visit many amazing places but the Vatican City is my favourite place so far. Considered as the world’s smallest independent state, Vatican is always a major attraction for anyone that visits the city of Rome.

In fact, Catholics like me can never find a better place to visit than the Vatican. The following are some of the major attractions in the Vatican that make it one of the most fascinating places to visit while in Rome;

Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica

The gorgeous Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica is a major attraction for millions of people that visit the city every year. The site provides you with a perfect opportunity to view Renascence architecture and take some beautiful photos. The basilica is considered as one of the most beautiful and largest cathedrals in the world.

There are no entry charges for this site and one only needs to be in an appropriate dress-code. In this case, sleeveless tops and shorts are not allowed. This Renaissance masterpiece is full of works by famous artist like Gioto, Bemini, and Michelangleo.

Vatican Museums

When looking for the richest art collection n the world, Vatican City is the perfect place. The Vatican Museums in the papal palace is filled with manuscripts, tapestries, Etruscan pottery, Ancient Roman Statutes, Ancient Greek Statutes, and paintings by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

You can take a guided tour around the Vatican Museums and enjoy what the museums have to offer. As a visitor, you only need a ticket and comfortable walking shoes to sample the world’s richest art collection.

Vatican Gardens

The Vatican experience cannot be complete without touring Vatican’s beautiful gardens. The gardens have a wider range of attractions including flowerbeds, huge oak trees, splashing fountains, as well as ruins of ancient fortifications. Visitors need advance online booking for a two-hour tour around the beautiful gardens.

Sistine Chapel

This is a 1473 artwork that is part of Vatican’s major attractions. The chapel is adjacent to the Saint Peter’s Basilica and its glorious painting is always a joy to watch.

The Chapel was painted by Michelangelo and can only be accessed through the Vatican Museums. The most significant thing about this site is that it is the place where a new Pope is normally chosen by Cardinals.

The People

Vatican has amazing attractions but one cannot fail to notice that the city’s people are also an attraction. Vatican receives millions of tourists from different parts of the world and it is this collection of people that makes the city to be lively.

Apart from tourists, local people that include; cardinals, priest, nuns can always be seen within the city wearing official attires and this is always a fascinating spectacle. In addition, one can always notice the so called Swiss Guards in colourful uniforms around the city. The guards protect the pope and other sites within the city.

In conclusion, Rome is a very fascinating city but a Vatican experience is a must for any person that visits the city for the first time. For me, this is my favourite place so far.