The Ex-Pat Lifestyle Suits Me!

Working abroad is a major challenge for most people as they are not suited for the expat lifestyle but that is not the case for me. Despite the normal homesickness that one feels after some time, I find expat life very exciting and full of adventure.

However, I have to admit that most of my previous foreign visits never lasted for more than one month but I have never found it hard live abroad. Actually, it is hard to believe that I have been in Rome for four years! Expat lifestyle comes with a lot of challenge such as the need to set-up from scratch, the issue of short-term accommodation, and adjusting to a new way of life and this may not be easy for most people.

Personally, I am always excited about the idea of expat life as it has become normal for me. When you feel scared about the idea of working abroad, know that expat life does not suit you. Affordability of expat life is what scares most people but this has never been a problem for me because I always find a way of living within my means despite high the cost of living in my new city.

For example, the cost of living is very high in Rome but I have managed to survive by sharing a room with my colleague and using one car to move around to save on rent and fuel. In addition, I have a very supportive family that always sends me some money when I feel that there are some things I cannot afford.

Moreover, I am very comfortable with public transport and living in a cheap neighborhood. This makes it easy for me to settle in a new country with a high cost of living. As an IT expert, working with foreign companies and developing solutions for local needs is always exciting for me and that is why I will always excited when an opportunity to work abroad arises.

The other reason why I feel expat life suits me is that I have been able to develop meaningful friendships with people from different countries in Europe and the rest of the world who are able to give me useful information about various countries before I visit.

Social media has been a useful platform for meeting new friends and it is these friends that have always made it easy for me to settle in foreign countries. When I arrived in Rome, one of my Facebook friends was part of the team that welcomed me at the airport and helped me learn my way around the busy city of Rome. I must admit that my contacts from different parts of the world share useful information about their countries and this will always make me comfortable when I visit a foreign country.

In conclusion, expat life suits me due to my ability to adapt to different types of lifestyles. In addition, having network of friends across major cities around the world can be of great help when it comes to working in a foreign country.